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Ceren Yaman

Ceren  Yaman
Age: 42
Height: 0
Debut: 2011
Residence: Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Point-7


1st PWA event entered Turkey Slalom 2011

2014 Ranked 10th Women's Slalom
2013 Ranked 9th Women's Slalom
2012 ranked 9th overall PWA Slalom

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. In college, I studied economics and by profession was a manager. I have been an active person all my life; I was always interested in the outdoors, nature, and sports in general. I remember watching small groups of windsurfers racing in Alacati and having a burning desire to participate.

I began windsurfing in 2009 and began competing nationally in 2010. In 2011, I started taking part in International and PWA events and today I am racing along with world-class competitors. In 2012, I competed in all PWA slalom races and was able to gain a great deal of experience for future competitions.

Windsurfing is an incredible sport. I have never been in a community with such incredible athletes and friends with such passion to push their skills to the limits!


Starboard, Point-7, Redline Windsurfing Club, Hurley
Ceren  Yaman
Ceren  Yaman
Ceren  Yaman