PWA Athletes

Michael Kleingarn

Michael  Kleingarn
Age: 39
Height: 0
Debut: 2011
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: Starboard
Sails: NeilPryde


1st event entered 2011 Reno World Cup Sylt - PWA Grand Slam Discipline: Wave

2011 - 2012 training on Teneriffa with Dany Bruch, 2011 PWA Sylt no Wind; Germany Events and Red Bull Soulwave 2012 in Klittmöller, 2012 PWA Pozo th 25, PWA Teneriffa th 17, 2012PWA Klitmöller 25 th, 2012 PWA Sylt 25 th.


Starboard, NeilPryde, Exel