PWA Athletes

Pawel Kaczmarski

Pawel  Kaczmarski
Height: 0
Debut: 2011
Residence: Poland
Nationality: Polish
Boards: Tabou Boards
Sails: GA Sails


1st Event entered: 2011 Reno World Cup Sylt - PWA Grand Slam Discipline: Slalom

Amateur career:
1st Fujifilm Surf CUP 2009 Slalom
1st Kamienica Cup 2009 Slalom
1st Fujifilm Surf CUP 2010 Slalom
1st Kamienica CUP slalom, formula, long distance 2010
1st International amateur Windsurfing Championship Poland 2010
1st Znin Cup 2010 Slalom
2nd Znin Cup 2010 Formula Windsurfng
Above are mentioned only those bigger events which I took part in. In fact there were much more smaller competitions that I won.
Proffesional career:
3rd Allegro Easy Cup 2011 Slalom
3rd Allegro Board Cup 2011 Slalom
10th Allegro Board Cup 2011 Formula Windsurfing
11th Allegro Easy Cup 2011 Formula Windsurfing
12th Hestia Cup 2011 Formula Windsurfing
15th Sopot Formula Windsurfing Polish Open 2011
In all the professional races started more than 40 international pro competitors.


Tabou Boards, GA Sails, Easy Km