PWA Athletes

Rasmus Oegelund

Rasmus  Oegelund
Age: 23
Height: 0
Debut: 2012
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Boards: Patrik
Sails: Sailloft Hamburg


1st PWA event entered Podersdorf freestyle 2012

I started windsurfing in the summer of 2007 after a few lessons on a holiday in Croatia. I was hooked on surfing right away. AT that time there was not anyone else surfing where I lived. I got a good friend of mine into it, and then we began practicing. I entered my first competition in spring 2008, the result wasn’t fantastic, but going to an event and talk to other windsurfers was very inspiring. I went home and started windsurfing even more. Every single day I was on the water. I entered the Danish Championships in Klitmöller in autum 2008. I started at a special surf boarding school together with junior slalom world champion Sebastian Kornum just afterwards. We surfed together all winter, and in spring 2009 I began practicing freestyle. I learned a lot while at the boarding school. In the summer of 2009 I was able to land my first spock. I entered the Danish Championships again and was 5th in the juniors. Not very happy with that result, I spend all winter training almost alone on my homespot in very cold and icy conditions. It paid off and in 2010 I was able to win all the junior freestyle competitions including the Danish Championships. This result enabled me to make some good promotion for windsurfing, and together with some other new surfers we started Thurø Windsurfing Club. In the first couple of months we introduced 60 new people to windsurfing, which was a great pleasure for me.

In 2011 I trained new guys at the club, and got asked to be an instructor at the Young Gun Summeredition, and Young Gun Classic. Together with all the instructing I trained a lot this year, mainly because it is fun, but also because I had to sail the seniors. At the first event I was 3rd in the senior competition, just after PWA surfer Kenneth Danielsen and Jens Munk. Because of a broken fin, the result was the same at the Danish Championship. But with a new fin, I win the following supersession in front of them! Since then I have trained quite a lot, including a 2 week winter training on Fuerteventura, and I am now capable of landing moves like Air funnel 900, double eslider, switch kono’s, triple flaka, shaka flaka and double spock.


Patrik, Sailloft Hamburg, Quiksilver