PWA Athletes

Montse Collado

Montse  Collado
Height: 0
Debut: 2013
Residence: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Boards: RRD


1st PWA Event entered Tenerife wave 2013

2013 Third Woman in the Slalom Competition in Badalona (Spanish circuit)
Second Woman in the Freestyle Competition in St. Pere Pescador (Catalan circuit)
Third Woman in the Slalom Competition in St. Carles de la Rápita (Catalan circuit)
Fourth Woman in the Slalom Competition in La Manga del Mar Menor (Múrcia) (Spanish circuit)
Fourth Woman in Waveriding and Fith in Slalom (being injuried before starting the racing) in Culoperro Almería (Spanish Circuit)
First Woman ExAequo at the Fun Cup in Mui Né, Vietnam, international open competition, with the presence of former professional racers from France


RRD, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Compressport, Trickon, Front Fred, Surf Center Tarifa, Reptile Masts, Base Náutica de Barcelona, Legal Matters
Montse  Collado
Montse  Collado