PWA Athletes

Steve Allen

Steve  Allen
Age: 44
Height: 185
Residence: Australia
Nationality: Australian
Boards: Patrik
Sails: Severne Sails


Favourite discipline:   free sailing waves and for competition Racing
2017 5th Sylt Foil
2016 10th Ulsan, Korea Slalom, 9th Costa Brava
2010 10th PWA Slalom
2009 9th PWA Slalom
2003 1st Formula Windsurfing World Championships
2015 Alacati 5th
2003 1st Formula Windsurfing Open European Championships
2002 1st Formula Windsurfing PWA World Tour
2002 1st IFCA World Championships
2002 1st Formula Windsurfing Euro Cup
1997 1st IFCA World Championships

1997 1st Formula 42 World Championships

1992 1st Race Board World championships under 18 and Vice champion Open Men

Numerous Australian Title in every discipline of wndsurfing

Favourite spot:   Australia
Favourite Fanatic board:   FALCON 90
Favourite manoeuvre:   Table Top Forwardloop
How I started windsurfing:   After capsizing our Catamaran and have 2 sharks circle us I did not like that anymore so my dad bought us a windsurfer and taught me how to do that.

Goals:   To win
My opinion on life:   Enjoy it and live for today


Patrik, Severne Sails