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Camilo Franco

Camilo  Franco
Age: 32
Height: 0
Debut: 2017
Residence: Colombia
Nationality: Colombia


1st PWA event entered Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup New Caledonia World Cup 2017

I live in Colombia and i am traveling to new caledonia to participate in my First PWA Event. I will be racing on the Pacific Windsurf Cup also and i will be training in New Zeland with Jack Halliday and Laurece Carey the weeks before the event.

I windsurf since i am 3 years old and have participated in several slalom championships in Colombia, Venezuela, Aruba (aruba hi winds) and Maui.
On 2016 I lived 6 months in Maui, i trained everyday there with Micah Buzianis, Mateus Isaac, Laurence Carey and Gabriel Browne. I participated in the four events of the Maui Race Series 2016.

Here are my latest results:
Colombia Nationals 2017: 2nd place
2016 Maui race Series Bluesmith slalom classic: 1st place men
2016 Maui race Series bluesmith sllaom classic 2nd place semi pro
2016 maui race series Meanline Fins & Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championships: 3rd place men


Camilo  Franco
Camilo  Franco
Camilo  Franco