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Patrice Belbeoc'H

Patrice  Belbeoc'H
Age: 57
Height: 194
Debut: 2002
Residence: Thailand
Nationality: French
Boards: Exocet


His favourite sailing spots are at his local breaks around Crozon in France and Maui's Ho'okipa - look up and you might catch a glimpse of him. A seasoned pro, eleven years on the world tour paid off for the big Breton in 1996 where he ended Bjorn Dunkerbeck's eight year domination by becoming PWA World Waves Champion. So after all that time on the tour he must have seen some pretty amazing stuff? "Yes, but nothing beats my daughter, Margaux, running towards the podium saying 'daddy' when she saw Jamie Hawkins!"

1988 2nd Gorge Pro-Am
1989 15th Overall ranking
1990 7th Overall PBA World Tour
1991 9th Overall PBA World Tour
1992 10th Overall PBA World Tour
1993 10th Overall PBA World Tour
1994 4th Overall PBA World Tour
1995 3th Overall PBA World Tour
1996 2th Overall PWA World Tour, 1st Wave
1997 9th Overall PWA World Tour
1998 14th Overall PWA World Tour


Exocet, Square System, Select Fins, Aerotech
Patrice  Belbeoc'H
Patrice  Belbeoc'H
Patrice  Belbeoc'H