PWA Athletes

Devon Leighton Boulon

Devon Leighton Boulon
Age: 35
Height: 196
Debut: 2002
Residence: US Virgin Islands
Nationality: American
Boards: F2


I was born and grew up on the beautiful island of St. John USVI. At age 14 I learned and got hooked on windsurfing. At 15 I did my first big race, the US Nationals in St. Thomas USVI. I got 3rd in the junior category and decided that I loved the competition of racing so much that that was what I wanted to do. I paid for years of equipment and traveling to races around the US and the Carribean by painting houses and with help from my parents and friends.

Then at 19 I went to live in Maui and train and test with one of my idols Micah Buzianis. I learned a lot sailing with him and got a lot of valuable experience. In 2003 I stepped out on my own and signed on with WindWing and Gulftech to help develop their race sails and represent them in the formula racing scene around the world. Then after finishing 7th in the European Championships I picked up my new board sponsor F2. I was very excited to get the US National title and then finish 4th in the World Championships also with the 21 and under world title.

I'm looking forward to start my training and getting back racing in 2004 with my new race sails and boards and seeing what I can do.


F2, Gulftech, Deboichet, F2 Clothing