PWA Athletes

Robert Teriitehau

Robert  Teriitehau
Age: 52
Height: 180
Debut: 1988
Residence: United States
Nationality: French
Boards: RRD
Sails: NeilPryde


He was the first sailor to perfect the back loop indoor and he continues to dominate with his fiery and unpredictabel style.
Took part in the 1998 TransAtlantic Windsurf Race and was a member of the winning Liberty Team.
Wave Results: 1997 Ranked 22nd
1996 Ranked 7th
1998 Ranked 18th
Race Results: 1997 Ranked 9th
1996 Ranked 10th
2000 PWA ranking: Overall 9, Race: 13, Race: 13, Freestyle: 35, Indoor: 7


RRD, NeilPryde, Perles de Tahiti, TERII, Quiksilver