PWA Athletes

Jeffrey Sutherland

Height: 0
Debut: 2006
Residence: Canada
Nationality: Canadian


1st PWA event Aloha Classic Wave 2006

Jeffrey Sutherland spends his winters training on Maui’s north shore and his summers tearing up the west coast from his home in Victoria, British Columbia to the coasts of Oregon and California. Jeff is a complete natural when it comes to windsurfing whether he is freestyle sailing or wave sailing. In the winter 2004 – 2005 Jeff turned many a head by challenging some of the biggest double mast high waves conditions on Maui with a total balls to the walls type approach. You can spot Jeff’s custom Canadiana SuperFreak from miles away and when you do be sure to say: “How’s it goin, eh!”…you won’t be sorry! Keep rippin it up brudda!

Sponsors, Hot Sails Maui