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Ashley Baxter

Ashley  Baxter
Height: 176
Debut: 2006
Residence: United States
Nationality: American
Boards: Naish Boards
Sails: Naish Sails


1st PWA event Aloha Classic wave 2006

2016 - 17th NoveNove Aloha Classic

Ashley has been windsurfing since the age of 13 and is older sister to Connor. She has already started modelling in Hawaii and just a few weeks ago signed to the Naish International team. Now working on her forwards.

My school is one of the hardest high schools on Maui . I am a junior this year but I get two hours of homework a night. It’s hard to fit in a bunch of things with school. I do get to miss school, but my school is really strict, so I have to tell them that I’m sick or else I’ll get an unexcused absence!


Naish Boards, Naish Sails
Ashley  Baxter
Ashley  Baxter