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The PWA world tour is all set to return to the spiritual home of indoor windsurfing in Bercy stadium, Paris on the 26th March 2004. The likes of Robby...


PWA Formula World Champion and overall number one in prize money ANTOINE ALBEAU talks about his year on tour.


UKWA Versus PWA Indoor Windsurfing Championships


The hottest seats in town tonight were right here at the Schroders London International Boat Show,...


Anyone who knows Mike will enjoy this story. Mike is an inspiration to all of us and continues to demonstrate his love for the sport, competition and...


Twenty-five huge fans have been blasting 30 knots of wind across the pool at the Schroders, London Boat Show indoor windsurfing championships,...


Q: Was 2003 a good year for you?


SM: Yes and no. It was a great year as always but competitively it was frustrating. They didn\'t stop the event...


Live coverage of PWA windsurfing is back on from the 15th January to the 18th January from London as the Tour kicks off the season with...


The Schroders London Boat Show hosts the UK's first ever indoor windsurfing championships!


For the first time in many years, indoor windsurfing is...


Held at the City Café Bonaire the PWA season concluded in style with the 2003 freestyle Overall awards ceremony. This year’s sensational freestyle...


The wind was too light for official competition here on the final day of the 2003, PWA freestyle finals. With three complete doubles and a complete...



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