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It's time to fasten your seat belts and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of white-knuckle action! The PWA Super X tour is all set to kick off its...


Two events have taken place so far for 2005. The Schroder’s London Boat Show, where a $75,000 Indoor contest took place in January in London. We have...


11.04.05 | Incredible speeds claimed!!!

Pending WSSRC ratification, two new outright world records have been claimed from Saintes Maries de la Mer,...


New Women's Record -Karin Jaggi - 41.2kts
New Men's Record - Finian Maynard - 48.7kts.

Source- <a...


Quatro International joins the PWA.


Quatro International and the PWA are pleased to announce that Quatro windsurfing boards have joined the...


Jeep Hawaii Pro – Day 5 12:30 pm

The conditions are maintaining at Hookipa Beach Park, it is sunny and windy with small waves.


Day Four of the Jeep Hawaii Pro and the contest is down to the last 16 sailors in the men’s double elimination round. They will all battle it out...


We have a winner! Of the single elimination at least. Any guesses? Well he won the single elimination last year and does sick one-handed back loops....


Jeep Hawaii Pro – Day 2.


30 knot winds and rain squalls whipped across Hookipa Beach Park on day 2 of the Jeep Hawaii Pro. The windsurfers put on a...


The Top 16 trialists sleep easy tonight while the others dream of what might have been.


All the while the wind and rain continues to blow across...



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PWA Prints to Order