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Day 2


The morning started cloudy here in Pozo on the second day of the 2004 PWA Gran Canaria Super Grand Slam, but it didn’t take long for the sun...


Day 1



A perfect start to the 2004 PWA Gran Canaria Super Grand Slam here in Pozo. The action started this morning with the first single...


The Gran Canaria PWA Super Grand Slam



It’s registration day here at the beach and there is a hive of activity as the competitors prepare...


Tabou has signed up as an Industry member of the PWA World Tour


Albeau left becalmed in second place as Pritchard holds his nerve to become first PWA Super X World Champion.


Pritchard clings on as Albeau fails to achieve sufficiently consolidated performance and Skye begins comeback of a lifetime.


Matt Pritchard lays down solid challenge to Albeau in race for Super X title as competition begins, following long wait for wind.


Tension builds as sailors remain on standby through lack of wind.


Campello seemingly unstoppable as he takes second event win in a row. Moreno also firm at the top despite a major dent in her armor from Jaggi.


Campello and Moreno remain tough at the top as Tonky Frans loses his grip and Jaggi pulls up short despite an impressive performance.



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