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A French woman has arrived in Tahiti after windsurfing 8,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean.


Raphaela Le Gouvello began her adventure at the...


The PWA is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with, Reliance Clothing to exclusively manufacture and market official PWA merchandise. The high...


There are plans to build hotels at the best and only windsurf spot on Aruba: fishermen's huts. This is the exact place where the Aruba Hi-winds take...


The 2003 PWA world tour is all set to conclude its season on the sun drenched beaches of the Caribbean for the final freestyle event on the tour...


Q: Was it a tough battle this year?


DS: Not really. We did have some very close fights with Verena, Karin, Christine and Lucy, but overall I felt...


The Labello, PWA 2003, Sylt Grand Slam was the decider for both the 2003 wave and racing PWA overall world champions. US sailors Josh Angulo and Micah...


After seven days of grueling wave and race world cup action here in at the Labello, Sylt, PWA, 2003 Grand Slam, the wind has finally turned offshore...


28 year old American wave guru Josh Angulo has taken the PWA 2003 overall wave title here after defeating Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Neil Pryde) in the...


French all rounder Antoine Albeau (AHD, Neil Pryde) has consolidated his lead today after posting four strong results during a sensational day of race...


The battle for the PWA 2003 overall wave title is hanging in the balance after yet another day of sensational action packed drama here in at the...



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