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09/23/2001 - created by PRESS RELEASE 23 September 2001

2001 PWA Jever World Cup Sylt Wave Performance Day 3

Light winds continue to hamper competition

After the promising forecast for strong winds today at Sylt the competitors were left staring out to sea at a gusty offshore wind that just wasn’t strong enough to tempt the sailors out onto the water. The Lipton Super Session was therefore put on hold until tomorrow, the wind again forecast to be North East 15-20 knots.

The light wind gave plenty of opportunity to speak to sailors on the beach, Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Pryde) reminisced about his previous years competing here in Sylt, and emphasised that the weather here can change very quickly. Bjorn could be described as the master of competition at Sylt, the variable direction and strength of the wind makes this location one of the most challenging spots on the World Tour and over the last ten years Bjorn has won in conditions ranging from onshore, mast high shorebreak to perfect side shore logo high waves.

With a lot of media attention focussing on the new young sailors who are making a huge impact in competition we should not forget the continued presence of the seasoned campaigners on the PWA Wave Tour like Anders Bringdal (RRD, Simmer) and Robert Teriitehau (Bic, North). These guys are still some of the most popular sailors with the fans here in Germany. Robert is still without doubt the craziest and most radical sailor to watch on the water, two years ago here in Sylt Robert stole the show with his amazing stalled double forward loops and hopefully if the wind Gods oblige this year will maybe see Robert push it one step further a go for some triple loops,

The Jever beer tent seems to get more and more popular has the day goes on, Sylt upholds the honour of being the busiest World Tour event for spectators and for the consumption of Jever beer! It is good to see the wavesailing stars casually mixing and chatting with members of the public, Jason Polakow (JP, Pryde) thinks he has never signed so many autographs in his life, signing anything from windsurf boards to parts of the body!.

The sailors have all agreed to a combined prayer to the wind Gods tonight, so hopefully tomorrow we will be reporting about double and triple loops and an eventual winner of the 2001 Sylt Wave World Cup.

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