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05/31/2005 - created by Axel van Weel

The 2005 Catalunya Costa Brava PWA Super X World Cup - Interview Matt Pritchard

<B>"I fear no one and everyone. It’s just a matter of who wants it most.”</B><br> Super X rider Matt Pritchard (US-10, Tabou/ Gaastra)talks about the PWA’s wildest discipline and more.

<PHOTO1>”I fear no one and everyone. It’s just a matter of who wants it most.”

Super X rider Matt Pritchard (US-10, Tabou/ Gaastra)talks about the PWA’s wildest discipline and more.


How’s the view from the top?

It’s no different from the middle or the bottom. I enter every contest from scratch, regardless of my position in the ranking. If you go in looking down, you’ll just end up focussing in the wrong direction. I come here to get the job done and not worry too much about the other competitors. You could say I fear no one and everyone, because anyone can win in Super X. It’s just a matter of who wants it most.


Super X is a pretty unorthodox discipline. How do you prepare for it?

There’s only so much you can do. It’s not something you learn overnight. I’ve got a lot of experience in racing and freestyle, which is very helpful in Super X. Besides experience you need the brains to make split second competition decisions and do moves on command, everything is moving so fast. Then of course you have to really know your equipment. It all adds up to success or failure.


There’s a whole new generation of windsurfers coming up. How do you feel about that?

I see them mostly leading the freestyle revolution, doing moves we never thought possible a few years ago. What the guys in Bonaire displayed was insane! Right now there’s a couple of guys that have what it takes to be strong allrounders, like Ricardo Campello (V-111, JP/ Neil Pryde) and Robby Swift (K-89, JP/ Neil Pryde). Swifty’s only twenty-one and he’s been on the tour for about five years, he’s got the goods to be a top runner.<PHOTO2>


Super X is a relatively new discipline. How do you see its future?

I think Super X is great with huge potential. It covers all bases; speed, moves, tactics & crashes. With Super X, you can really make the most out of all conditions. It’s very radical and high profile, which is something windsurfing can never have enough; radical extremeness. Overall I see a bright future for Super X, which is good for me as it combines all my talents!


It’s your third time here in Catalunya, Spain. How do you feel about this place?

It’s great! I love the camping and how everything is close by on one location right on the beach. It’s very low stress. Last year was the windiest I’ve ever seen here, producing perfect Super X conditions. Strong winds, blue water and a sunny, sandy beach. It’s every windsurfer’s dream.



<PHOTO3>What does the rest of the PWA year look like for you?

I’ll be doing the wave and Super X events. After Costa Brava I’m going to Guincho, Portugal, which I’m very excited about. It’s the first starboard tack wave event that fully counts on the tour in years. I’ve never been there before, but I heard it’s a lot like California where I grew up, so it’s going to be a lot of fun for sure. And having fun is what windsurfing is all about.


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