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Dominik Schönthal

Dominik Schönthal

Sail#: G-265
Nationality: German
Residence: Germany
Debut: 2010
1st PWA event entered Podersdorf Freestyle 2010

My favourite equipment: Fanatic Skate TE 90 with my 4.2 North Ice 2010 which is an amazing combination.

Started Windsurfing: 1998

My best Windsurfing day: There were many good ones for sure, but one freestyle day at St. Antioco (Sardegna) will always stay in my mind….

People i like to go surfing with: All my friends, which I got to know on my trips.

Currently living in: Karlsruhe

Education: finished school 2006 and since then I am an economics student.
Fanatic, North Sails, Choco Fins, AL360


Apr 29 - May 03
May 01 - May 06
Jun 09 - Jun 14
Date: TBC
Date: TBC
Date: TBC
Aug 17 - Aug 22
Sep 14 - Sep 20
Sep 25 - Oct 04
Oct 25 - Nov 07
Nov 24 - Nov 29