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Matt Pritchard

Matt Pritchard

Sail#: US-10
Height: 176 cm
Age: 41
Nationality: American
Residence: United States
Debut: 1992
2 time Super X world champion, 2004 & 2005
2006 3rd Super X, 7th Wave & 25th Slalom 42

My motivation and desire come from my upbringing. I have always been one to want to be the best. I don’t like to lose- not many people do but I really hate it. I may not show it, but inside of me, I’m on fire. This drives me to sail harder, longer and go bigger than anyone else. I have always been the tough guy to go for it and suffer the consequences later- I have injured myself a few times but never give up.
I have worked hard to get where I am and have enjoyed every moment of it. Since winning the Freestyle Title in 2002, I have learned what it takes to be a champion both on and off the water. After 13 years of hammering away at professional windsurfing, I have achieved goals that I have always dreamed about.
After winning the 2004 PWA SUPER X title, my focus and motivation continues to be on wavesailing and Super X competition. I will also continue touring the world doing travel stories and promoting one of the best sports on the planet!
Tabou Boards, GA Sails, Dakine, Kanaha Kai Surf Shop, Kaenon Sunglasses, Camaro Wetsuits


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