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Sailor Profile

Fabrice Beaux

Sail#: F-911
Age: 42
Nationality: French
Residence: United States
Debut: 2004
1st PWA event Hawaii Pro 2004 wave

last PWA event was the last Maui Hookipa event place 9th at one of the Jeep PWA event in 2006 I think it was... plenty of good poduim result in the AWT event the past 2 yrs.

I started windsurfing when I was 13, in Cannes, France. When I was 16 I was an exchange student and lived in California for 2 years. I was not able to windsurf during this time, but got into surfing. When I was 18 I moved to Maui and then my life became all about windsurfing.
RRD, NeilPryde, O'Neill


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