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Annika Valkna

Annika Valkna

Sail#: EST-146
Nationality: Estonian
Residence: Estonia
Debut: 2012
1st PWA event entered 2012 Pegasus Airlines Alacati PWA World Cup

I've been windsurfing for 7 years, starting off with raceboard and RS:X and for second year moved on with formula and slalom. For years I've been participating in Estonian national competitons and have also enjoyied the windsurfing experience abroad, where I think the greatest achievement was the 3rd place in Formula Europeans last year. My first international slalom competition was this year in Roses, where IFCA worlds were held, I was positioned 8th.


Sep 05 - Sep 07
Sep 15 - Sep 21
Sep 26 - Oct 05
Oct 18 - Oct 26
Oct 29 - Nov 11
Nov 29 - Dec 07
Date: TBC