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Sailor Profile

Kristoffer Living

Kristoffer Living

Sail#: S-80
Height: 172 cm
Age: 39
Nationality: Swedish
Residence: Sweden
Debut: 2002
Windsurfing History :
I have been Windsurfing for 12 years and spend the last 5 winter seasons in South Africa improving my sailing.
Competing on the Swedish Windsurfing tour since I started two years ago, I have placed myself in the top three in all events (10) except one.
I also placed ninth in freestyle (being sick in when the wave was held) in the Red-bull soul-wave contest in Klitmöller two years ago.

Windsurfing Ambitions
I want to dominate the tour, man
Honestly, I just want to be as good a sailor as I can possibly be.
And I think the world-tour is the perfect place to see how far you can push yourself, competing with the worlds best in the roughest conditions.
North-sails, AHD, Wallén Active Sports
RRD, Simmer Style, Wallén Active Sports