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Mauricio Alvarez

Mauricio Alvarez

Sail#: AUT-86
Age: 26
Nationality: Austrian
Residence: Austria
Debut: 2008
I made my first experiences in Windsurfing in 1998 on the Costa Brava in Spain and since 2002 I started doing Freestyle. My first Contest was an austrian Freestylecontest in 2004, but unfortunately we had no Wind. In the summers of 2005/2006 I worked as a Surf teacher on Karpathos and could train a lot. So since that I joined every Austrian Freestylecontest and some of the EFPT-Events. In Sept. 2007 I went to a german FreestyleContest where I could finish 5th. After this contest I organised my first Austrian FreestyleContest!
Patrik, GA Sails, Hangloose, Sooruz


Sep 05 - Sep 07
Sep 15 - Sep 21
Sep 26 - Oct 05
Oct 18 - Oct 26
Oct 29 - Nov 11
Nov 29 - Dec 07
Date: TBC