PWA discipline ::: INDOOR

It may sound crazy, but indoor windsurfing has been around for over 15 years and is one of the most exciting and marketable aspects of the World Tour. Since 1990, there have been indoor contests in major cities such as Paris, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Marseille and Madrid. Indoor is a finely tuned combination of close up action on the water and all the rock 'n' roll aspects of freesports, making for a superb show that is guaranteed to thrill the massive crowds that flock to see it.

Within the indoor discipline itself, there are three separate disciplines. In slalom, sailors blast down a steep starting ramp, directly onto the pool, in heats of two to four people at a time. They then battle it out round a short figure-eight course, with the top half of the heat advancing until a winner is reached.

Freestyle sailors scream down the pool one at a time performing their best maneuvers, before turning and coming back in the opposite direction, to perform more tricks. They are then scored instantly by the judges to decide a winner.

Jump is the shining star of the indoor discipline. Sailors blast flat out along the pool, before launching themselves over the jump ramp into insane aerobatics that will have the crowd on their feet. Huge forward and back loops are commonplace with the occasional double loop being attempted, but whether it is the cleanest jump or the biggest crash the jump ramp guarantees excitement.