PWA Industry Members

Without the generosity of our Corporate Members we would be unable to provide the high standard of service to the sailors and windsurfing industry at large. Please support these companies... .they are our lifeblood.


Is a young company in the world of windsurfing on the market for only 5 years, born thanks to great passion for this sport.

AL360 products are designed and build directed to our company in Italy using the best technologies available on the market from CAD design to CNC machining.

In a few years has established itself in the international market as a product of the highest quality, reliability and innovation.


AV-Boards was born in 2019 when shaper “guru” Aurelio Verdi met the passion and the will of his partner Alberto Possati to start a new challenge and put in production the masterpiece boards made by the Tuscan Shaper.

AV stands for Aurelio Verdi and since the beginning of his career (in 1997) Aurelio Verdi’s mission is to make boards that are real technical prodigies: strong of this goal, the shaper made in 2015 the fastest windsurf board ever, and got on the top of the world thanks to the winning boards of the PWA Slalom World Tour Champion in the 2012-2013-2014 and 2015 seasons.

These results came as the result of his tenacity, passion and a spirit of sacrifice: in each of his works, Aurelio is capable of transferring his vision, his spirit, which blends perfectly with the technological tools he’s able to manage in a continuous mixture of reason and feeling, together with technique and artisan knowledge. The use of computer equipment, CAD and CNC systems, allows the creation of unique productions, with precise and clear hydrodynamic lines, able to guarantee constant performance and high speed.

Now Aurelio Verdi offers a complete range of boards to suit the needs of all levels of riders, from beginners to World Cup riders and World Speed Record challengers.

You can find all about the brand and the products on the official website:

Challenger Sails

With over 32 years of race winning sails for windsurfing, yachting, kites for surfing and stunts, Challenger Sails is an Italian based high-performance sail loft!


The only constant in life is change. Everything is in motion. Times, circumstances – only the objective remains the same. That also goes for our pledge to manufacture the most innovative sports equipment for wind surfing. So as new adventures beckon, our commitment to reliability remains complete and unwavering.  

Since August 2018, the windsurfing rig division of Boards & More GmbH has been developing and marketing all their products under the new brand DUOTONE.

The values that we have always stood for – high-end technologies, unrivalled quality, unbridled passion, continuous im­prove­ment and a track record of competitive success – remain the guiding philosophies on our new journey.

Flikka Boards

We are excited to join PWA. We live for windsurfing and supporting the best group of windsurfers is a privilege to us. Flikka boards are all custom made to suit your exact needs. With 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers we want to help windsurfers of different profiles to achieve their windsurfing dreams and enjoy their time on the water. Different constructions, all critical parts built in the house, custom graphics and worldwide delivery makes Flikka boards a perfect solution. And you don't need to sweat that you will find a picture of next year model of your newly board in a couple of weeks somewhere on the internet. We worship direct relation and lean business to be efficient and cost effective. Get in touch with us. 

FMX Racing

FMX Racing is born from a deep desire to design, shape, test and ultimately deliver world class products to the windsurfing market that racers and customers alike will remember forever.

Drawing from 27-years of competition, design and testing experience, and having learned his initial skill set as a young man directly from legendary #1 master shaper Jimmy Lewis, Finian Maynard began his windsurfing board building career on Maui in 1992. Furthermore, working directly with racing industry giants Richard Greene and Phil McGain, yet more invaluable knowledge, experience and understanding was learned in the historical mecca of windsurfing – Haiku, which ultimately formed a solid base from which a highly successful career was formed.

Fast forward to today and there are simply no limits to what this brand can achieve. With a design and R&D base in the best testing location in the world – Tarifa, Spain, the ability to design in the latest 3d CAD software, shape with 5-axis machining, the ability to watch and check every technical step during the fabrication of the protos, the ability to test, modify and test again in one location is a powerful tool that simply guarantees high-quality products on an ongoing and repeatable basis.

Combine this setup with a sailor who became the first commercial shaper ever to win a PWA World Cup in any discipline, and it is clearly evident that the technical groundwork for success is right there, ready to be appreciated and enjoyed by you, the customer.

This is the Commitment to Excellence.


The creation of champion Windsurfer Arnon Dagen with shapes delivered by acclaimed board “guru” Aurelio Verdi, and is born out of a passionate desire to share the sport of windsurfing with the world.
One of our first targets, is to help young and adult sailors alike to achieve their dreams by offering a set of benefits which has not yet been tried in the windsurfing market before us.
Our main mission: Make top quality boards that rival any competition. Whether it be for aspiring athletes or pro-competitors worldwide, we got it covered. We are dedicated to the development of the sport and that free feeling of flying on the water, which is why we only will stand for making the best, top quality and perfectly constructed to ever have hit the water.

GA Sails

PWA Platinum Industry Member

GA Sails / Gaastra has been part of Windsurfing since windsurfing was invented, and it has always been viewed as the brand to beat. Today Gaastra continues to develop the finest sails, rig equipment, and accessories to suit today's requirements. Each of Gaastra sail models are specifically designed to deliver the power and maneuverability to match the needs of sailors in every location and at every level - from entry to world champion.

Visit the instant advantage.

Goya Windsurfing

goya windsurfing proud sponsor of the pwa

Supporting the PWA means a complete cycle to me. I grew up inspired at the level of riding from the athletes and competitions, and I have been part of the tour since 1991.  The PWA had committed themselves to the highest standard of action, judging, and communication, and for me along with my team and company supporting it is just another step what we are about and also proves the core and sustainability of our sport. This is just the beginning, welcome to the next level!

I wish all the competitors a windy year, thank you for keep showing us what is possible.

enjoy the ride,

Francisco Goya


For more than two decades GUNSAILS has developed, produced and distributed its brand products for all wind surfers....

Meanwhile GUNSAILS belongs to the internationally leading brands in windsurfing.

Thanks to our direct mailing system, we are in the position of being able to offer permanently best quality at fair prices.

The Tarifa based Sail Development team around sail designer Renato Morlotti is working all year on the progression of our products. Our attention towards details, the high quality of the used materials and the outstanding workmanship let each GUNSAILS product become your reliable and worthy partner for your perfect surfing day.

GUNSAILS - For Wind Surfers –

Hot Sails Maui

If you windsurf, we have the sails, masts and accessories for you! We create a collection of sails that reflects the diverse nature of our sport as well as the unique needs that you as a windsurfer have.

JP Australia

Board Manufacturer :: PWA Industry Member


KA Sail

Since 20 years Ka.Sail has been at the forefront of developing windsurfing sails that delivers great performance and serious fun for sailors of all abilities.

The Loft

The Loft was born in 1999, and The Loft enjoys more than 30 years of professional sail designing experience. The Loft’s designer Monty Spindler is as motivated today as when he designed in years past for the Pryde and ART sail brands.

With 3 absolute World Speed records established with Spindler designs in the 90s, it is no surprise that Loft team rider Valerie Ghibaudo Arrighetti became the 2007 ISA World Speed, and IFCA Slalom World Champion with The Loft’s Blade slalom/speed designs.  Valerie went on to take the PWA Slalom World crown in 2009. The 2011 PWA mens slalom tour saw the rise of Ben Van der Steen when he received his quiver of Racing Blades, Loftsails then arriving on the podium for the PWA Slalom Constructors rankings 2011.  

Loftsails is the fruit of Monty’s passion for windsurfing and are available worldwide. The Loft is stoked to be a sponsor/member of the PWA!

Maui Ultra Fins

RADICAL SCIENCE:  The advanced foils developed by Maui Ultra Fins introduce a major technological breakthrough in fin design by providing unmatched performance and riding characteristics.


MB boards

Passionate about windsurfing and other extreme sports, we have always wanted to adapt the gear. Until now windsurfing has not followed the shapes of other sports such skiing or snowboarding. Effectively these sports are using more outlines adapted to carving without loosing straight line performances.

After discussions with Pierre-Yves Mottier ( coach - learn2windsurf - lightriding ) the idea grew to adapt this theory to the windsurfing.

After the first results were very positive,  the MB-Board adventure started in 2017 ! 


Since 1979, Naish has been crafting the tools for you to heighten each and every one of those cherished moments. Fine-tuning every curve, edge and seam along the way, each product is thoughtfully constructed, not only to excel in the moment, but to stand the test of time.

Driven by a passion for the sport and a thirst to innovate, Naish fuses the talent of top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies and premium materials. The result is a wide range of SUP, windsurfing, kiting and surfing products developed to suit the individual needs of anyone from the seasoned professional, to the weekend warrior, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time.  


As the world’s leading brand of high performance windsurfing sails and rig parts NeilPryde is proud to support the Professional Windsurfing Association.

The Wind Can Tell The Difference –


Brand new on the market in 2010 it was always clear for us that we would want to support and compete at the top level of the sport right from the beginning.
Windsurfing has been our life for as long as we remember and we are now proud supporter of the PWA World Tour.
We are truly living the sport ourselves. Ideas, innovations and products get developed on the Pro-Circuit themselves. Our fascination and passion for perfection and success is never-ending. And the PWA tour is one of our favourite playgrounds!


Point-7 finally gives you the opportunity to get the perfect sail and mast combination to a very competitive price level. Having the right mast and sail combo will guarantee the overall quality and durability of your rig along with having the highest performance possible.

Our interest is to give you the best sail size, and typology to optimize your fun. This is why you have a customer care service at your disposal. This service is managed by our Chief Tester Andrea Cucchi. Who better to advice than the person who develops the equipment!

Quatro International

The driving force behind Quatro International is the demand for higher end products created by the world’s greatest windsurfers, giving the highest performance possible in the sport. It is our focus to provide the most dedicated sailors with the best tools possible out there to push their limits. Innovative design and quality is our focus.

Roberto Ricci Designs

Board Manufacturer :: PWA Industry Member

RRD, born in 1989 between Tuscany (Italy) and the Island of Maui (Hawaii) is a leader in best performing boards, sails and accessories for surf, windsurf, kitesurf and sup. RRD designs and manufactures Clothing, Windsurfing,Kiteboarding, SUP and Surfing products with heart and soul.

“Non Stop Research and Development” this is the slogan representing the brand philosophy, underlining the brand passion and commitment to the research and the development of every single product in the RRD range. The brand philosophy suits perfectly to the constant engagement of RRD to the best Professional Tour and World Cup competitions. We’re talking about the RRD brand DNA, an attitude that originates the brand foundation. RRD clothing, boards, sails, kites, westsuits and accessories are competing on all various watersports professional tours, challenging all the best brands and riders for the world title.

“Having fun making toys for water is my daily task. The idea of a new board, kite or a sail to test while trying something new and see how it works it’s my excitement and passion.

I started to do this 30 years ago, and the feeling of excitement and fun is still here, stronger than ever. Any time it’s windy or the swell is up and there is something new to work on and develop, it’s playtime and I forget that this is also my work. Excitement is a big part the sport we have chosen to do, and until we will have it, you can count on us making better toys for you.”


Roberto Ricci.


The heart of a great team. S2 Maui is the next chapter of the 10 year design collaboration between Barry Spanier and Artur Szpunar. A continuation of the legacy of design quality and innovation progressed to the next level with the most advanced, super light and strong materials available. Beyond the progressive performance, S2Maui's goal is to work in close cooperation with our industry partners focused on a clear, long term vision for mutual success through outstanding quality and customer service.

Sailloft Hamburg

At the turn of the millennium a new era began for Sailloft Hamburg. During our early days we were a small loft that made custom windsurf sails and in 2000 we started our first series with 2 sail lines. Since that time we are approaching our 12th sail generation and are producing 8 sail lines with more than 50 different models. A small series is now yesterday’s news.

Today Sailloft Hamburg is an established sail brand, that produces High Tech sails sold in Europe and all over the world. At the beginning every pattern was hand made whereas now we use professional CAD programs. The data  get sent to the production facility in Sri Lanka, where it is cut accurately to tenth millimetre precision.

Severne Sails

When we started Severne, a passion for making the best sails and a commitment to never compromise on their performance were our driving forces. Since then we have added experience, industry-leading technology and a refined sense of style to produce our unique line of products, all of which are a combination of engineering and art. All along our goals have remained the same: maximize performance, reduce weight and increase durability.

Simmer Style

Ho’okipa Beach Park, on Maui’s North Shore is the birthplace of the Simmer Style Dream- the best gear, the best conditions, and a ‘go for it!’ attitude. 25 years later, the dream is alive and well, and biggerthan ever. Simmer Style has grown in to an international organization of stoked windsurfers who share the original Simmer Dream


Board Manufacturer :: PWA Industry Member

In 1994/95 Starboard entered the windsurfing market by developing, what was at the time, extra light and unique Wood Technology in co-operation with Jean Louis Colmas from New Caledonia. Starboard further introduced wider, shorter, more user friendly and high performance designs to the world of windsurfing.

All aspects of windsurfing were reinvented with this concept: Evo Wave boards, Isonic Slalom boards, Flare Freestyle  boards, Futura freeride boards, Formula boards, Go progressive boards and Start entry level boards.

Starboard has won the PWA manufacturing ranking every year since it was introduced and also celebrated up to 18 of the top 20 racers in the Formula World using their designs. Into the future Starboard wants to re energize light wind sailing and the entry level side of the sport.

Starboard was founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen who participated in  the first Olympic games of Windsurfing and further raced  10 years in all disciplines on the PWA world tour.


PWA Platinum Industry Member

Since 1991 Tabou has continually improved every phase of its operation to become one of the worlds leading manufactures of windsurfboards and accessories. Today the brand is better known as an inherent part of windsurfsports, lifestyle and board culture that appeals to young people. Tabou´s support, development and sponsorship of windsurfing events and athletes, have contributed to the company´s success, that´s why Tabou is proud to support the PWA Tour as an Industry Member.

Not just better. Different. today