PWA discipline ::: Super X - The ultimate contest

Super X is the newest discipline in windsurfing, developed by the PWA in 2003. All of the competitive aspects of racing are combined with the spectacular aspects of freestyle to create a nail biting race where only the true all rounder can win.


The Super X course consists of a downwind slalom course interrupted by large floating obstacles that competitors must jump over before performing compulsory freestyle moves at specified points on the course. The pace is fast and furious with the difference between glory and defeat coming right down to the wire, making Super X the most exciting form of racing on a windsurf board.

Quickest round the course wins, however, speed itself is nothing without control and falling hard on just one of the moves, or not having the guts to go for it over a jump, can easily leave even the quickest racer floundering.As a result this high wind discipline is attractive to dedicated slalom veterans and freestylers alike.