Day 4: The waiting game continues in Cold Hawaii

The fourth day of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup saw the lightest winds of the week, but it was still another beautiful day in Klitmoeller as the sun burnt through the morning cloud. With no chance of official competition taking place 18 sailors participated in teams of two in the WindSup Relay Race, with the winners taking home a GoPro each.

After the semifinals it was Ricardo Campello (Patrik / Point-7 / MFC) and teammate Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins / SWOX), who were able to claim the victory after leading from start to finish in the final. 

The remainder of the day proved to be a relaxed affair with most people basking in the sun or simply chilling out in the beautiful Cold Hawaii sunshine. During the afternoon we caught up with reigning PWA Wave World Champion - Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne (Goya Windsurfing / MFC):

PWA: You won the event here last year, which really kick started your title charge, how does it feel to be back in Cold Hawaii?

MB: “It’s good to be back. I like it here a lot. Cold Hawaii has a really mellow vibe, it’s really easy to relax here and you can take your time to do things slowly, which is what I like. I’m just a little concerned about the conditions because the forecast isn’t looking good, but it can always change."

PWA: Starboard or Port tack?

MB: “I don’t mind, I just hope we get to compete at some stage, but I definitely had fun sailing starboard tack yesterday. It was the first time I’ve sailed starboard tack in Denmark.”

PWA: What have you been up to between here and Tenerife?

MB: “After Tenerife I went to Brazil for a couple of weeks and got to sail there a lot because we got lucky with wind almost everyday. Then I went back to Maui to pick up some boards and also scored a few good days there.”

PWA: Which boards did you bring with you?

MB: “I have the production boards in 104l, 94l, 84l and a 78l. I also have a couple of my Ho’okipa boards with me which are 82l, 88l and a 93l. I’m probably not going to be sailing my Ho’okipa boards here, they are more for La Torche, France, in case we get down-the-line.”

PWA: Which fin setup do you use and why?

MB: “My boards are all quads, I just prefer the feeling of quads and they are what I feel comfortable on, but here I may use my bigger boards as twin fins, just filling in the fin boxes.”

PWA: Thanks, Brawzhi.

With lighter east, northeast winds and smaller waves predicted for tomorrow the skippers’ meeting has been called for 10am with the first possible start at 10:30am. Although competition looks unlikely you never know, but if that proves to be the case we’ll still have exclusive interviews for you to view throughout the day.

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