Youth World Champion

Maaike Huvermann — the freestyle wonderkid continuing to take the competition stage by storm

Having made her debut on the PWA Freestyle World Tour last year - Maaike Huvermann (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins) - has made astonishing progress through the world ranks. In 2013 - the then 16 year old - finished sixth overall, but after just one more year of training the 17 year old has already captured her place on the prestigious podium for the first time in her career, whilst being crowned the PWA Freestyle Youth World Champion for the second successive year. Huvermann showed her true potential in the freestyle paradise on Bonaire, where she shone on the mirror flat waters, taking home second place - only being stopped by the Freestyle Queen - Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard / Mystic / Maui Ultra Fins), who hasn’t been beaten in seven years. The future looks very bright for the highly talented youngster. 

We caught up with Maaike after winning her second youth world title: Read the interview below:

PWA: Firstly congratulations on being named the 2014 PWA Youth Freestyle World Champion for the second year in a row - how does it feel?

MH: “Thanks! It feels great again!”  

PWA: Not only are you the youth world champion again, but you also broke into the overall top three - how does that feel?

MH: “Extremely awesome! I didn’t expect it at all since I didn’t sail that much last winter. So I’m super motivated to keep on training for next year!”

PWA: Highs and lows from 2014?

MH: “I’ve got lots of highs but the most important one is my first final in Bonaire against SQ, together with all the heats I had to win to get to that final.  A low is definitely a few of my heats in Fuerte… I wasn’t consistent at all. I sailed heats that could have given me another 2nd place, but also heats that I only landed a spock. I was quite disappointed with myself since I knew I could have done a lot better than that 6th place.” 

PWA: What moves are you currently working on and any specific areas of your sailing you are trying to improve?

MH: “I’m working on some bigger moves like skopus, shakas, konos and stuff like that, but I also want to work on my bad side. I can do all basic moves on my bad side but they’re not as consistent as I want them to be. And if I have some spare time (I don’t think so :P) I would also like to go in the waves a little more and maybe do some slalom, to become stronger and a more all round surfer.” 

PWA: Favourite location and conditions to sail?

MH: “My favourite spot to sail is Bonaire for sure! I’ve only been there 10 days but it was amazing, definitely want to get back there! Flat water, 20-25 knots and some sun would be perfect for a nice session for me!”  

PWA: Plans for the winter?

MH: “Nothing really :P… School. I hope it’s going to be very windy during the Christmas holiday so I can sail a bit. The wind somehow disappeared in Holland, normally it’s super windy during this period but now I only get 1 or 2 sessions a month. So I keep my fingers crossed because I really want to sail!”

PWA: And finally... Aims for next year?

MH: “Uhm….  Show that I learned some new stuff even though I’m not sailing a lot…. I will do everything possible to stay on the podium but seeing all the vid’s of the girls learning all new sick moves… I’m not too sure of it. But for sure I will keep on fighting for it!”

PWA: Great thanks, Maaike. Hopefully the wind returns for you soon and we look forward to seeing you next year.

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