NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic

Day 8: Lay Day after an epic contest so far

With light onshore winds on day 8 of the NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic the decision was made early on to call a lay day — and with a new long period swell hitting the night and during tomorrow at 3-3.7m and 15 seconds the decision has been made that tomorrow will also officially be a lay day with Ho’okipa expected to be un-sailable due to the size of the swell.

A few thoughts from a few of the sailors after competing in epic conditions at this year’s Aloha Classic:

Morgan Noireaux (JP / Hot Sails Maui) who has won the Aloha Classic for the last two years: “Another good day of conditions yesterday. 7th was not exactly what I was looking for after three years in the top four but that's the nature of competition! Was stopped by an on fire Kai Lenny in the double, hopefully there is one more day of wind so that they can finish off the final four heats and put on a show."

Kai Lenny (Naish / Naish Sails / MFC), who has currently climbed to 4th and faces Levi Siver (Quatro / Goya Windsurfing / MFC) in the battle for 3rd: “This entire Aloha Classic has been so much fun! Feels so good to be competing at Ho’okipa with the best and I can't wait for more!”

Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde / Mystic / SWOX), who was awarded a 10 point wave for the first time in his career on Day 6: “I had a great time on the water and felt like I had some of the best turns and moves that I have ever done on my 5.3 and 94L. The waves were amazing and it was fun to perform on a Sunday in front of so many people on the cliff. This time, I didn't manage to pull either of the 2 360s I tried and was left in need of a solid second wave but I was happy with the effort I made and can't be too sad to be beaten by an incredibly in form Kai Lenny who went on to advance up to 4th place in the event, Camille Juban and Morgan Noireaux. Good sailing to all and thanks to the PWA World Tour Windsurfing and American Windsurfing Tour for putting on this great event!”

Bernd Roediger (Naish / Naish Sails): “Had to settle for 5th yesterday in a pretty difficult Double Elimination conditions wise. But I'm still incredibly stoked on my result, my experience in the event, and all the amazing waves we got this week! Overall it's been an amazing week of competing, one that wouldn't have been possible without a whole host of people supporting me! I wouldn't have even been able to go out in my last heat, because I had broken such a massive amount of gear in the Single Elimination, but thankfully Naish Sails was able to re-quiver me in a day.”

Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360): “Thats it for the Aloha classic for me! Happy I got to sail again in the double elimination yesterday! It was super light and hard to get into position in the lineup to catch waves. but stoked to have caught a couple of nice ones  and think I will be back again next year.”

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