#WINDSURFLIFE Teaser - A Behind the Scenes Look into the Life of a Professional Windsurfer with Maciek Rutkowski


Have you ever wanted to know more about what goes on behind the scenes as a professional windsurfer? If you have, then at the beginning of next month you’ll get the chance to witness a small part of this through Maciek Rutkowski’s (Challenger Sails) new VLOG.

Maciek Rutkowski introduces his new VLOG idea: “I decided to start a vlog/documentary series about the behind the scenes stuff of a life as a pro windsurfer. Episodes will be about things like physical preparation, mental preparation, gear war, how to cheat on the airports with 219390kg, negotiating sponsor contracts etc but also simply some stuff that has happened to me like my first episode which is gonna be about the Jaws experience. The whole thing will be generally more focused on everything that goes into this life, rather than simply action. Although I am trying my hardest on the latter as well, but as I grow older I start to enjoy things like that more rather then just the action no matter how sick. Maybe its just me, let’s see! :)  Premieres March 1 and hopefully will run every week at least up until the season. 7 episodes are filmed and i don’t plan on stopping filming. 

Here’s a little teaser:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzIp5oy9Rx4"