PWA Proud to Announce LokeFoil as New Sponsor

With the next stage of the 2019 racing circuit just 4 days away now seems the appropriate time to announce LokeFoil as a proud new sponsor of the PWA. The FLY! ANA Yokosuka PWA World Cup will host the first men’s and women’s Foil stop on the 2019 tour as well as the second Slalom event. We recently caught up with team rider William Huppert (Fanatic / Duotone / LokeFoil) to find out more about LokeFoil:

Hi William, firstly can you tell us a little bit more about Loke Foil? When it was created and the philosophy and idea behind the company?

Lokefoil is born in 2015 , the founder are Kevin Festock and Loig Peigne. It’s based in France. Everything is made in France in our factory in Saint Malo. From engineering to the mould and so, the foil are made by the Lokefoil factory.The goal of Lokefoil is to make high quality carbon foils which are suitable for all levels of riders - from beginners to world cup performances. We are always taking on board imprtant feedback directly from our customers and then further refining and developing the foils. 

Why did you decide now to setup your own brand?

Actually this is not my own brand, the brand has been setup by Kevin and Loig but I was their first employee and the first rider. They started by producing some foils in their garage since 2008, at this time it was really the beginning and the foil didn't work so well, but then in around 2015 they started to have a product which was really good and easy for everyone. So they decided to stop their actual work and setup the brand.

What range of Foils do you produce? Is it purely high end racing or you also offer entry level foils etc?

We produce only carbon foils from beginner to advance riders and world cup level racing foils.

Where are Loke Foils available for the public to buy?

You can order foils on our online shop, or by our dealer shop, or you can visit us at the factory in Saint Malo, France !

Anything else you’d like to add about Loke Foil?

Lokefoil is a company that is very close to its employees, team riders and customers 
Our vision is not to produce thousand of foils but to be always lead innovation, and have fun by always testing new designs!

Thanks, William. Good luck in Japan and South Korea.