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Episode One of Nico Prien’s New Racing Series Plus Interview With the Man Himself

Nico Prien (JP / NeilPryde) has just released the first episode of his new Slalom Series, which goes behind the scenes to show you exactly what it’s like for a pro rider at an event. The first episode was shot during the Marignane PWA World Cup, which was held in April, and you can see it @

Hi Nico, why did you decide to make this series?

“I decided to start this series at super short notice back in April. I love producing content for my YouTube Channel and fellow windsurfers. I also do believe that windsurfing is the best sport in the world and so I want to get as many people stoked on the sport, and the racing part of it, as I can.

Producing videos myself at a competition will never show the true emotions, because you just can’t take the camera when you’re caught up in the competition. Knowing how many incredible stories, personalities and emotions the PWA racing tour has to offer I decided that I wanted to utilise this to share the stoke with the world.

I talked to Ole Diebold, a videographer that I had worked with during the winter, and he immediately saw the vision I had. A couple of episodes of “Drive to survive“ on Netflix later the decision was made and I hired Ole to come and join us on the PWA World Tour.”

How long will it run for?

“The first four events of the PWA World Tour are just over and we collected an incredible amount of footage. We are also super thankful to have the PWA support this project wherever they can.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to arguably the best event of the year, PWA Fuerteventura, as I have to compete in the national championship in Germany. After that the World cup in Denmark and Sylt are on the schedule, so quite a contrast to the previous, rather warm events.”

How many episodes?

“Our plan is to make around two episodes per event. With 4 events done so far that means there will be 7-8 episodes until my next world cup in Denmark. 

As Ole has been super busy with grabbing footage on tour, reviewing and organising it, we actually don’t have all the episodes ready yet. So it’s gonna be a challenge to keep up with the release schedule of one episode per week. 

I hope this documentary series will reach many people and get them stoked on windsurfing and racing. Please share it with all your windsurfing and non-windsurfing friends and let’s make windsurfing great again.”

Thanks, Nico.

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