Fuerteventura PWA World Cup

Day 6: Corto Dumond Wins U20s, While Just Over Half of Men’s First Round Completed in Tricky Conditions

On paper, today looked as though the Freestyle at the 2019 Fuerteventura PWA World Cup - sponsored by René Egli - would see classic nuclear Sotavento conditions. However, a thick layer of cloud and even a little bit of drizzle greeted competitors and the wind never really settled even though the skies did clear during the afternoon.

At the end of the opening day of Freestyle, only the first 5 heats of the Men’s Single Elimination could be completed in tricky conditions, while earlier in the day the Youth’s also battled it out.


Single Elimination - Men’s

The first heat of the Men’s Single Elimination saw Davy Scheffers (Tabou / GA Sails) take on U20 champion - Corto Dumont (Starboard / Severne) - and despite the 17-year-old putting on an excellent display it would be current world No.7 - Scheffers - who would advance, while Jacopo Testa (RRD / RRD Sails / AL360) produced an assured display to defeat Lennart Neubauer (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins) and the Italian will now face Scheffers in the round of 16.

Heat 2a saw Nicolas Akgazciyan (JP / NeilPryde) claim a clear cut victory over Ricardo Marca (Fanatic / Duotone / Maui Ultra Fins), while on the b-panel current world tour leader - Amado Vrieswijk (JP / Severne) hit the water for the first time this week. And while the Bonairean wasn’t at his absolute best in the tricky conditions he still had more than enough in the tank to end the hopes of Eilon Wilson (Patrik / Point-7).

In Heat 3 Italian Mattia Fabrizi (Patrik / Challenger Sails) made a bright start to successfully navigate his way past Britain’s Max Rowe (Simmer / Simmer Sails), while Dieter van der Eyken (Severne / Severne Sails) had far too much fire power for Aron Etmon (Starboard / S2Maui) on the b-panel.

Heat 4a proved to be the heat of the day and Taty Frans (Point-7) can feel a little unlucky that he faced Antony Ruenes (Tabou / GA Sails) as they posted the second and third highest scores of the day - 151.1 points and 148.9 points respectively. Both sailors sailed with power and finesse and in the end, there was almost nothing to separate them, but unfortunately for Frans, he lost out by just 2.2 points. Frans will now have to wait for the double elimination to mount a comeback. Ruenes, meanwhile, will mean last year’s runner up here - Adrien Bosson (Fanatic / Duotone / Maui Ultra Fins).

The last two heats of the day saw Balz Müller (MB-Boards / Severne) win the battle of the Swiss as the 25-year-old defeated Loick Spicher (RRD / RRD Sails) after asserting late on! Müller will now face Steven van Broeckhoven (Starboard / Gun Sails) after the Belgian set the highest score of the day - 159.8 points - against Niclas Nebelung (I-99 / Gun Sails / Maui Ultra Fins) in Heat 5b.

The sixth heat was started but with the wind dropping back the heat was eventually cancelled and with that, the opening day of Freestyle was called off. The forecast for tomorrow looks as though it should be windy again and hopefully there will be clearer skies so that the wind can stabilise. The sailors will meet again at 10:30am (GMT+1) tomorrow morning with a first possible start at 11am.

Youth’s Contest - Sponsored by Severne

Girl’s U20s

In the Girl’s U20s Final Lina Eržen (Flikka / Duotone) claimed an impressive victory over Alexa Escherich (JP / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra), who is still recovering from injury and sailed with a knee brace. Eržen made a strong start by landing a smooth spock and a stylish flaka to win the first final of the week.

Boy’s U15s 

12-year-old Takumi Moriya (Severne) made an impressive start to the Boy’s U13s contest as the young Japanese sailor won all 3 finals completed today ahead of Val Eržen (Flikka / Duotone), Janus Wikle (Flikka) and Ancor Sosa Kather (Tabou / Point-7).

Boy’s U20s 

Last year Corto Dumont (Starboard / Severne) won the U17s division and he made the perfect start to the contest today by defeating Takuma Sugi (Tabou / GA Sails) in the winners’ final of the U20’s, while Lennart Neubauer (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins) completes the podium after getting the better of Nil Bacon (Fanatic / Loftsails) in the battle for third and fourth place.

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Girl’s U20s 
*Result may still change

1st Lina Eržen (Flikka / Duotone)
2nd Alexa Escherich (JP / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins)

Boy’s U20s

1st Corto Dumond (Starboard / Severne)
2nd Takuma Sugi (Tabou / GA Sails)
3rd Lennart Neubauer (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins)
4th Nil Bacon (Fanatic / Loftsails)

Boy’s U15s
*Result may still change

1st Takumi Moriya (Severne)
2nd Val Eržen (Flikka / Duotone)
3rd Janus Wikle (Flikka)
4th Ancor Sosa Kather (Tabou / Point-7)

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