Braha 2.5

20 Minutes of Pure Explosive Freestyle

Braha is back… with Braha 2.5, which features a handful of the world’s best freestylers going absolutely nuts with monster moves and painful looking crashes to go alongside. Get ready for 20 mins of pure explosive freestyle!

Eliran Levi (Editor, filmer.. rider!): ”… BRAHA again! Let me start by saying, watch it all the way through its worth it!

I am really stoked on how the Braha came out this year! Unfortunately for me I was injured most of my time in Fuerte and had to get myself busy by filming a lot.

Around 350 windsurfing clips and some lifestyle clips as well.

I want to thank my sponsors (GA, Tabou, Bodyglove, k4fins, Timna park)

You can see Full Braha 2.5 @