Bureau Vallée Dream Cup

Lena Erdil is Already in New Caledonia… Watch Her Latest Video To See How She’s Feeling Ahead of the Last Event of 2019

Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360 / Chopper Fins) is already in New Caledonia nice and early to prepare for the final event of the season - the Bureau Vallee Dream Cup - which starts exactly a week today (18th November) and runs until the 23rd November.

Erdil has just released her latest vlog and has this to say about it: “Who’s excited for some more of this very soon?ME ME ME! If you're not yet, here's some sick slalom racing action from the PWA World Cup Race in Denmark, Hvide Sande this year to get you psyched up.

Happy to share my latest Vlog with you with a little update at the end and mainly some absolutely sick drone footage!!! So stoked that I managed to get this off Adam Sims from @aalvaamedia aalvaa.com after our last PWA World Cup Event. With his own share of windsurfing injuries, it has been amazing to witness how while in recovery Adam's video production skills have just progressively kept getting better and better. Make sure you check out some of his most recent stuff on his youtube channel: www.youtube.com/adamsims 

I especially like the drone videos he’s been shooting at the PWA slalom events this year sometimes while racing I really had the drone in the corner of my eye, he was pushing pretty hard to fly the drone lower and lower each time. 

How are you liking this perspective? Leave me some comments below ;)”

You can see Lena Erdil’s latest vlog @ youtu.be/PxUkryE7zpg