Maciek Rutkowski Looks Back At HIs Journey To First World Tour Podium In Denmark In A Special Edition of #windsurflife

Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails) has been through his fair share of ups and down on the PWA World Tour, but last season the Pole experienced his highest high so far after locking in his first podium on the world tour during the 2019 Hvide Sande PWA World Cup. 

With most of the world temporarily on lockdown that has given Rutkowski a chance to cast his mind back to Denmark and he’s just released an excellent special edition of #windsurflife which documents his emotions on the journey to that maiden podium.

Maciek Rutkowski: ”The back end of last year was amazing for me. After a few years of competing full time on the PWA World Tour I’ve come really close many times to get some great results. But, there was always a ‘but’. A little detail here, a big meltdown there, a piece of trash in Korea, whatever it was there was always something in the way, even if at times I felt like I had the skill to compete with the best. That didn’t change but I managed to work out the ‘buts’ and finally get some strong results in the bag in 2019. The cherry on top of that cake? PWA Denmark. But as you will see in my new video, it was still a hell of a rollercoaster with a ton of stress and big emotions. But i guess that’s what I live for, that thrill of competing and no matter the result it always feels good to battle the best in the world. Hope you enjoy the video and hope everybody stays safe in this uncertain time!”

You can see Maciek Rutkowski’s journey to his first podium in Denmark @ youtu.be/6AOtp3dmHu4