20 Questions

With Blanca Alabau

Blanca Alabau (Starboard / Severne / Starboard Foil) together with her sister Marina (Starboard / Severne / Starboard Foil) made their debuts on the world tour last year with the introduction of Foiling. Having come from a racing background the young Spaniard was constantly in contention for the top places last season and eventually finished 4th overall. Blanca recently took our 20 Questions which you can read below:

1. Why are you so passionate about windsurfing?

Be in fully contact with nature, go to the water every day following a gold medal (London 2012 Olympics). Also the healthy lifestyle that I’m living that is in coherence with my ideas, eco-sport, good food and happy people around me.

2. What quality do you like most in other people?

Passionate people, doesn’t matter of what.
People that work to be a better every day without excuses. 
And constant people - the ones that make what they want.

3. What annoys or frustrates you the most?

I'm trying to not be frustrated about big stuff that I can't control. In cases like stay at home because of the virus or the problem of plastic in the oceans. I just try to contribute as much as I can like taking advantage of the opportunity and do things that I normally can't do.  or recycling the plastics and picking up the ones that I find at the sea. But small things, shore breaks and airport checkins are the worst.

4. What do you most like in yourself?

My energy and positivity, I always look at the things in a good way. Even with problems I always try to see them from another perspective to learn something and get a solution. 

5. What do you dislike in yourself?

I’m really competitive and I always want to do everything well the first time I try. Like I wanna learn a language or play golf on the first day. And I’m not a superwoman.

6. What has been your best moment on tour?

My first event in Japan, when I have been fighting with the best foilers in the world and I realise that I could be on the top.

7. What has been your worst moment on tour?

When they cancel two events because of the virus, I have been training so hard this winter and I was ready for it. More events mean more fun and more chances to win and more expectations.

8. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given yourself when your career started?

That every time you travel get some time for yourself and go explore the country and experience the culture where you are. 

9. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Don't ever stop learning and growing as a person. 

10. What would be your perfect day?

Wake up slowly, have a massive breakfast with avo toast, eggs, and coffee. Go foiling with my sister and friends in my bikini, surfing at sunset and then have a bbq at home.

11. Do you have any superstitions?

Not really, I use to have a necklace that every time I wore it I would  have good feelings, but now I don’t have it and I still have the same feeling, so no.

12. Which living person do you most admire?

Rafa Nadal, he never give up, he has good values, is really coherent person and a great athlete.

13. What is your greatest fear? 

Getting stuck somewhere that doesn’t make me happy 

14. What is your most treasured possession?

My family, they are part of myself, and the ones that give me all love that I need from the outside. They are where I learn how to do and how not to do most of the things. 

15. If you weren’t a professional windsurfer, what would you like to be?

Professional surfer or business woman, I will love to have my own fashion brand.

16. Where is the best place you’ve been?

Bali, I feel home over there, with waves every single day make me feel free, but safe at the same time and really healthy, when I’m there I just surf and eat amazing food. Locals are pretty friendly and the landscape is insane. I like to go every year. I disconnect from the wind from the last season and recharge.

17. Where would you most like to go to that you haven’t been to yet?

Hawaii, looks amazing, the colours, the conditions and the surfer atmosphere. I think every surfer has to visit Hawaii at least once in their life as it is ‘where surfing was born’. 

18. Who would you most like to have as a dinner guest, dead or alive?

Right now my family! Been in Tenerife for 3 months and because of quarantine I can’t go back home. 

19. First App you open in the morning?

Now Youtube, I’m starting with it and I love to see how I’m growing and check how other inspiration people work on it.

20. A phrase you live by?

Step by step, as I said before, I always want to do everything on the first try, so I need to remember myself that there are steps and that we need to follow it to improve faster. 

Thanks, Blanca. 

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