The Alabau Sisters

Another installment of siblings on tour. This time with the Spanish Alabau sisters! Marina Alabau (Starboard / Severne / Starboard Foil), who became Olympic Champion in 2012, & her younger sister Blanca Alabau (Starboard / Severne / Starboard Foil), who finished 4th overall on the PWA Foil World Tour in 2019. Over to the girls...

- Who are you, how old are you and who is your sibling?

Hi, I am Marina I am 35 and Blanca is my little sis.

Hi, Im Blanca I'm 24 years old and we are 11 years apart.

- At what age did you start windsurfing?

M: When I was 11, and started to competite
B: I tried when I was 9 but started properly when I was 11 years old.

- Were your parents also windsurfing?

They don't windsurf, they prefer to stay on the beach or ‘en el chiringuito’.

- Did you both work towards competing at a high level in windsurfing?

M: We are training together most of the time, and is my favorite part of training.

B: We used to train together most of the time, until Matteo Iachino arrived in my life.

- How is it to travel to the same events all over the world?

M: Lovely, I love to share this big experience with my little sister, it always has been in my dreams, she is my biggest motivation and who pushes me to keep competing.

B: Lovely, I love to share this big experience with Marina, because we are really close.

- Are you helping each other during an event or are you focusing on your own event only?

M: We always help each other, we have the same equipment and always work together on the tuning and choosing equipment together.

B: First my own, if I’m free and she needs me, I always help.

- What’s a weird habit of your sibling?

Marina has a power nap of 10 mins before partying.

- What do you both have in common?

Almost everything, work, family, hobbies, humor...

Only one word answer possible, your siblings name or the word ‘me’.

Who is faster? Blanca

Who takes longer to get ready to go on the water? I take more time to get to the water (except when Marina have the influencer mode and she wants to do 1000 videos and pictures before going).

Who has more windsurfing gear?

I have more gear because I also have Matteo’s gear.

Who has won more windsurfing medals?

Marina has more medals.

Whose room is a mess? I will say depends of the day but we are both getting better at it.

Thanks Marina and Blanc's.