Middle East Waves

Middle East Waves? Federico Morisio Proves There Is

When you first think of the Middle East, windsurfing probably isn't the the first thing that pops into your head. However, as Federico Morisio (JP / NeilPryde), shows there is an abundance of wind and waves if you know where to look...

Federico Morisio: "This week's new YouTube video is about and it's about my last trip to the Middle East: yes, there are sick waves over there!

Oman has a special meaning to me because it's where 6 years ago I had my first real waveriding trip 

Last year, in July, I decided to go back to train pure starboard tack conditions for the upcoming International Windsurfing Tour events and also simply to enjoy to the max long, fun, uncrowded waves!

I also got filmed a bit by my dad and some friends, so I realized it would have been cool to show you more about those conditions!

Thank you so much to Nic Van Ysendyk that actually edited the video and motivated me to share it!"

You can see Federico Morisio's latest trip to the Middle East @ youtu.be/R2EevqWKyV4