The Windsurfing Podcast

With Dave White

Windsurfing.TV: "Sandy Clunas has been presenting his own podcast ‘The After Hours Lounge’ this is his latest podcast with windsurfing legend, Dave White! Whitey is an ex-professional windsurfer and all-around windsurfing legend having spent his early years setting speed records and holding the production speed record for many years. We discussed his recent life-threatening situation in Mauritius, suffering a stroke whilst out sailing, and the resulting rescue story. This was followed by another massive stroke which put him in a position unable to talk and move but in true Whitey fashion he has stayed mentally strong and with the support of those around him began the incredible journey of recovery. Now 4 years on, he is here talking with Sandy and explaining the challenges he has gone through and the goals he has set himself, including doing 50 knots at Luderitz and learning to foil. Dave is always great with stories and although sometimes now unable to put his thoughts into words this is an epic listen!!"

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