Sharky Waters

Off the Beaten Tracks with Florian Jung in South Africa

If you want to score epic wind and waves sometimes you need to wonder off the beaten track, which is exactly what Florian Jung (Starboard / GUNSAILS) did this winter in South Africa, whilst on his annual trip. If you don't mind a few death threats then you can still find some hidden beauties... 

Florian Jung: “South Africa offers more than just the windsurf spots around Cape Town. During the Gun Sails photo shoot we saw a rare forecast and together with David Jeschke and Samuel “Sam” Tome, I went along the east coast and got rewarded with epic waves in sharky waters. Actually there was not much wind reported but due to local thermal winds many spots along the Garden Route have reliable wind machines in the afternoon. We were lucky and managed to catch a few fat waves. A lucky shot! 
However, a couple of local surfers warned us that they would cut our heads off if we would mention the spot. In addition, the frequency of shark attacks as well as the sharp rocks you get to feel after each wipeout may not be everyone’s favourite. Seek and you shall find :).”

You can see Florian Jung sailing in South Africa's sharky waters @