Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021

Day 4: Victories For Takuma Sugi & Anton Richter After Both Sailors Successfully Defend Single Elimination Crowns in Down-The-Line Showdown

Hurricane swell and offshore winds arrived as predicted on Day 4 of the Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021 meaning the competition continued in solid conditions with starboard tack winds and set waves around 2 metres.

In the U17 boys - Valters Videnieks LAT33 - had a great battle against - Hannes Gobisch GER 801, but it was Videnieks, who would advance to setup a tie against local boy Tobias Bjørnaa D36 (Fanatic / Duotone), who looked comfortable on starbord tack at his home break. In the end local knowledge prevailed with Bjørnaa coming out on top to set up a final against Anton Richter Ger-441 (JP / NeilPryde), who won the Single Elimination. Bjørnaa produced an excellent display in the first final after landing an aerial to force a decider, but the local boy couldn’t quite hold off Richter at the second time of asking. Richter may not be used to sailing on starboard tack, but some how he achieved the highest heat score with 6 points to win the rematch and with it Richter walks away with the NoerStick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf World Cup 2021 title in the U17s division.

The U20s battle was tough for Nick Spangenberg G-141 (JP / GUNSAILS) going up against Liam Dunkerbeck Esp-11 (Starboard / Severne). In the down-the-line conditions Dunkerbeck junior excelled with his surf style earning plenty of points with the judges.

Next up for Dunkerbeck was a match against his buddy - Marino Gil Gherardi E-959 (Goya Windsurfing). This heat proved to be another exceptional one with two contrasting styles going head-to-head. Gil took the more aerial approach, whilst Dunkerbeck stuck to his surfing guns, which turned out to be the right decision with the 17-year-old earning the nod and the right to take on Takuma Sugi J7 (Tabou / GA Sails) in the final. 

The next generation didn’t disappoint once more with Dunkerbeck and Sugi producing another high quality display, but Dunkerbeck couldn’t quite force a Super Final with Sugi successfully defending his Single Elimination crown to become the U20 champion of the NoerStick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf World Cup 2021.

Looking Ahead

Thursday should hopefully allow us to complete the remaining heats in the U15s and U20s Girl’s fleets, whilst Friday looks set to be another windy one, which could see some Super Sessions held. 

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