The Right Path

Antoine Albert Shares the Correct Extension Rope Pattern to Ensure the Easiest Downhauling Possible

Whether you are an experienced sailor or a realtive newbie it's worth double checking that you are using the correct rope path when you are adding downhaul to your sails. Not only will it make the downhaul process easier, but it will also extend the life of your ropes!

Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing): “On every spot I'm going I always see windsurfers (even experienced) making a wrong "extension path" with the rope crossing and touching each other. So, I decided to dedicate a video on what is the proper path for the rope of the extension not to be crossing.

Here it is, please share it to all your windsurfer friends and clients so they can finally downhaul their sails with way less effort!

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Camera by Toya

Music: A Chant of Judah performed by Ital Milks & King Alpha

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You can see Antoine Albert’s tutorial on how to correctly downhaul your sail @