Daida Back to the Ocean

Daida Ruano Moreno stars in a biographical documentary 'Daida Back to the Ocean' which narrates her fight against cancer

The piece is titled ‘Daida Back to the Ocean’ and all profits will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)

In 2012, the 18-time windsurfing world champion underwent surgery for ovarian cancer and this milestone marks the plot line of the short film
Directed by Pablo Ramírez, the documentary has been produced by SaltyDrops, Seven Islands Film and Gran Angular Canarias

Pozo Izquierdo, February 4, 2022 - The 18-time windsurfing world champion, Daida Ruano Moreno (Severne / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins), is the protagonist of a biographical documentary short film that narrates one of the least known stages of her sports career and that was marked by the struggle against cancer. Daida back to the ocean is directed by the young filmmaker from Gran Canaria Pablo Ramírez and all the profits generated by the audiovisual piece will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AEECC).

The 25-minute documentary has not yet been officially released as it is immersed in various selection processes to participate in various film festivals, both nationally and internationally. Produced by SaltyDrops, Seven Islands Films and Gran Angular Canarias, Daida back to the ocean aims to serve as an inspiration for other people who are immersed in the same trance that the athlete from Pozo Izquierdo had to overcome in 2012, when she had to face ovarian cancer which forced her to go through surgery and receive a complex chemotherapy treatment.

Coinciding with World Cancer Day, a first teaser with unpublished material from the documentary has been released on Daida back to the ocean's official social networks. "Daida Ruano's personality and her career as a world leader in sports make her the ideal speaker to give visibility to this aggressive disease," said Pablo Ramírez, who placed special emphasis on the need to mobilise society to advance in prevention, early detection of this type of pathology and collaborate in raising funds for research on the disease.

The Sea as Therapy

The ocean is one more character in this documentary and serves as a link between the different elements that give meaning to this beautiful story of overcoming. Told in first person by Daida Ruano herself, the plot transports the viewer to an intimate setting made up of her twin sister, Iballa Ruano, the rest of her family, her close circle of friends and the sea that bathes Pozo Izquierdo, which is presented as the best possible therapy to overcome the consequences caused by the treatments that Daida had to undergo to overcome cancer.

The short film has been recorded with high-end cinematographic equipment and has had the selfless collaboration of a technical and human team, without whom it would have been impossible to have carried out this charity project. The final result is a pizza full of optimism, which not only provides strength to cancer patients and their families, but also presents a story of universal overcoming that will encourage all those people who, throughout their lives, have had to face an extreme situation.

You can see the first official teaser for 'Daida Back to the Ocean' @ https://vimeo.com/673186833

Production Team - Daida back to the ocean

Direction of photography: Pablo Ramírez
Production: Pablo Ramírez, Lucas Vidal, Agustín Domínguez, Ariadna Ramírez, Michael Friedl
Sound: Stereo, 5.1. Moses Sanchez
Original Music: German Lopez
Editing: Pablo Ramirez, Borja Ramirez

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