World Sailing / IOC Statement

PWA Joins World Sailing and the IOC in taking action against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

Dear Friends,

In light of the recent actions by Russia against Ukraine, the PWA has taken the decision to stand together with World Sailing, the IOC and the global community, in condemning the aggression by Russia towards Ukraine.

As such, we shall support all of the actions taken by World Sailing, and we will not allow any participation of Russian and Belarussian athletes in PWA events. These measures are due to the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine and the terrible, unjustified and unprovoked military assault on the Ukrainian people.

The PWA stands with the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Windsurfing community in this horrible time, and respects and supports calls by windsurfers around the world, and the global community, for peace and the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine.

You can see the full statement from World Sailing below.

Kind regards


World Sailing statement concerning the situation in Ukraine

Today World Sailing joined the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and global sports organisations in taking the decision to suspend participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in World Sailing owned and sanctioned competitions and events until further notice.

By implementing these measures, World Sailing is supporting a united and coordinated approach within the global sports movement.

This decision is in line with the IOC Executive Board’s recommendation, aimed at preserving the integrity of competitions and ensuring the safety of all participants, and has been unanimously agreed by the World Sailing Executive Board.

We are now strongly urging our Member National Authorities, Class Associations, affiliated bodies, and all event organisers to implement the measure to suspend the participation of Russian or Belarusian athletes and officials in their respective events and competitions.

Where this is not possible, due to short time frames, for organisational, or legal reasons, World Sailing, in line with the IOC Executive Board recommendation, is advising event organisers do everything in their power to ensure that Russian or Belarusian athletes (be it as individuals or teams), and officials participate neutrally, without national symbols, colours, flags or anthems.

Both on and off the water, our sport is united by the values of equality, inclusion, respect and fairness.

We are now asking our sailing family to come together as a sporting force for good by working with us at this incredibly difficult time.