JV69 Monthly Magazine: June

The Flying Dutchman Jordy Vonk recaps the last couple of months from hospital trips to the Défi Wind

Short visit to the hospital

During the Defi wind I kept it a bit low profile, but I cut my toe on the second day of racing which made me need two stitches. I asked for tape instead so I could continue racing, as the results were good at that event I'm happy I did. 

Being back in Austria it actually turned out different, the toe started to get infected and something was growing on the side of the big toe… time for a visit to the hospital. 

After cutting the wound open again, taking some medication and another check up later that week everything was fine again, but it meant the first 3 weeks of June I was out of the water! Always tough for a windsurfer... :-) 

7+ Millions views on video! 

I was posting more short videos lately to push my social media, all this content is available for all my sponsors/supporters as well. It looks like F4 Foils made perfect use of it as a REEL that got posted in Instagram already got watched 7.7 MILLION times as I write this !!!

Very stoked about this kind of reach on a foiling video shot in Lake Garda, if you like to see the shot, please check the link below:

Faster and Faster

Talking about the foil, on a windy morning in Malcesine (Lake Garda) I unpacked a brand new 4.5 Duotone Warp_Foil and a 1 time used Falcon Foil 144 and I started to break my personal record every run!!

While the waters were pretty wild I managed to reach a 2 second top speed of 37.2 KNOTS!

Looking at the GPS-Foilsurfing website it's the 4th fastest time, and all 3 faster times are done with a smaller front wing than the 420cm2 I was using. So it's time to get set up with smaller front wings this autumn and see if I can break the 40 knots barrier for the first time ever! 

One hour classic 

The one hour classic race in Lake Garda was this time a special one, as not just a couple fast guys competed… With over 15 PWA riders included the latest world champions Nico Goyard, Pierre Mortefon, Matteo Iachino and Antoine Albeau. It was probably one of the strongest fleets ever!

In the three days of competition the concept is as followed: every day we try to do a 1h Fin race and a 1h Foil race. In the end your fastest time/most laps sailed counts. The wind allowed us to do a total of 3 foil races and 2 fin races.

The 2 fin races I absolutely dominated! Friday was the windiest day and despite two gybes in a wind hole and a need to stop on the straight line to adjust my boom height... I managed to win that race in front of local hero Bruno Martini. The second fin race on Sunday was absolutely insane, I managed to win with a 1min 20sec lead over number two Matteo Iachino… It was a first time for me having such an edge over everybody! 

Out of the 3 foil races we did I managed to win one, luckily the windiest one! The first race on Friday I chose the perfect set-up and fought back from a 4th place on the first reach, I was leading after 2 rounds and managed to smash the record set now on 21 laps in 1h1min. I would lie if I say winning the foil wasn't a bit of a surprise, but especially when it's windy I'm feeling fast. 

To round it up: winning both disciplines with 100 competitors including all these big names felt insane and gives me a great confidence boost!! 

What's next?

I'm off to Croatia for the first PWA world cup event of the year, sadly it's only a '2 star' event which means it doesn't count for the world ranking. In the end, at this stage, we're just happy to be racing and hope that Fuerteventura, which should be the first counting event,  later in July will be confirmed soon!

Best regards, 

Jordy Vonk