PWA X SOMWR Introducing Climate Inspirational Years Towards Paris 2024. 

The PWA and SOMWR have been experimenting with the reduction of CO2 emissions and plastic pollution.

Take a look at the environmental highlights from the latest SOMWR 10 x PWA event in Gran Canaria.
PWA and SOMWR have now signed an agreement to make all main PWA events 10 times Carbon Positive until Paris 2024 through natural climate solutions, as reduction only is not enough.
SOMWR and the PWA share the 10 X Carbon Positive approach with the sports community. Increasing in their aspirational method of making sports events 10 X Carbon Positive, whilst also retrieving significant amounts of beach/ocean plastic through the Plastic Offset Program.
Action From the Word Go!

The action began in France back in November 2021, then again in Cape Verde in February 2022 and has continued through  the recent Gran Canaria event, but it doesn’t stop there. From now on, all major PWA events will be taking part in the program, from now until the end of 2023 at the earliest.

Both the PWA and SOMWR are eager to get the ball moving and have made a commitment to the minimum of planting 1 mangroves per every 336 kg CO2 identified in calculations for athlete, staff member and volunteer travel; electricity usage; fuel from boats and jet skis. 
Why 336 kg CO2?
According the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the mangroves planted in Myanmar with Worldview International Foundation sequester 673 kg CO2 over the first 25 years of their life. 50% of this amount, 336 kg CO2, is allocated to offsetting the emissions released organisations such as SOMWR and the PWA. The other 50% is traded in the form of carbon credits, providing vital funding to local communities and livelihood projects in Myanmar. 

But can we do more?

For each PWA rider, staff member, media crew and volunteer. 11 KG of shoreline plastic waste will be picked up by the Plastic Offset Program. 1.1 KG is the equivalent that each individual is accountable for reaching the oceans per year. As part of the 10 x movement, SOMWR will collect 10 times the annual amount per person.
Why Mangroves?

Mangroves are also called sea trees and help our planet's biodiversity thrive. They also protect shorelines, act as a natural sea defence and most of all they are a 'blue carbon' store. According to many scientists, blue carbon is the most efficient at sequestering carbon dioxide. They account for up to 50% of the world carbon stores, whilst only covering 2% of the planet. Types of blue carbon sinks include; seagrass, mangroves, salt marshes and kelp forests. They are normally found in intertidal zones, where saltwater meets sweet water. More can be read on the ICUN page. 
As the PWA events are listed as World Sailing 'Special events' it is important for us to hear from the World Sailing President and other leaders in this partnership.
From World Sailing / Alexandra Rickham

It is always exciting for us to see World Sailing’s Special Events creating new and innovative collaborations to produce positive outcomes. In this case 10 times positive in turns out! Climate change and plastic pollution are very clear realities in the global sailing and watersports community and it is inspiring to see the community come together to tackle them. When international tours and events like the PWA, take action and responsibility not only are they key to changing sport delivery but also the hearts and minds of the athletes and fans.
QUOTE FROM JIMMY Diaz, President of the PWA

We’re really excited to continue this fantastic team effort with SOMWR to protect the planet into the long term. Having launched the collaboration with 2 great events at Marignane and Cape Verde, we know that SOMWR is the right partner to provide both the environmental support we need to make the tour positive on an environmental basis, but to guide us and help us shape new ways to further improve how we protect and give back to the planet.

It's just great! It's great to grow into things. Once you start, a lot is achievable. Pollution started small and so did our counter-movement. With the knowledge of today and the technical possibilities, we can reverse the mistakes of the past. Without giving up the fun. This development makes me confident for the future.

Certainly, the cooperation between PWA and SOMWR also includes the largest event of the PWA World Tour, the PWA Windsurf World Cup Sylt. As this event is considered a pioneer in the field of water sports and sustainability, special standards are set for the reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as climate neutrality and carbon offset, which are to be exemplary for other sporting events. These standards are currently being developed by the NPO blue life in cooperation with a team of leading scientists. blue life and SOMWR are united by the same mission; to place nature-based solutions in the foreground of their actions and, in particular, to make mangroves known as the most effective system for the natural mitigation of CO2 to promote their protection and reforestation.


The PWA strives to bring top-level windsurfing competition to the world and to develop and enhance the sport for everyone involved from pro athletes, to recreational windsurfers, the windsurfing industry or just the armchair enthusiast indulging in the lifestyle from the comfort of their own home.

The ocean is our theatre, our pitch and our playground. As such, more than ever, it is imperative that our enjoyment of our seas, lakes and beaches does not come at a cost to the planet that gives us life.
By partnering with SOMWR in this way, we can ensure that we not only take nothing away but actually give back to the future of the natural world that permits us so much enjoyment.

More than clothing: The environmentally-focused fashion label SOMWR is committed to a livable future for all. The company with watersports heritage sees itself not only as a brand but also as a pioneering movement - towards sustainability. 10 x climate positive: With every garment sold, the company plants mangrove trees in Myanmar. Thus offsetting the emissions created 10-fold. 
They also remove and dispose of plastic waste on Thailand's beaches are part of the Plastic Offset Program. A project launched by water sports brand Starboard, SOMWR's sister company. Thailand HQ is fully solar-powered from its very own roof!
All of SOMWR's pieces are 100% certified organic. The collection is manufactured fairly and transparently in Portugal. Among other things, SOMWR is a certified member of the B Corporation and in the onboarding process with The Fair Labor Association. The mission is clear: to use its own platform to help sustainably shape the world. The future is SOMWR.