Cold Hawaii Youth PWA Windsurf World Cup

Day 5: Liam Dunkerbeck wins U20 Wave World Title, whilst Tobias Bjørnå fights back to win home event in U17s

Watch out! Iceberg ahead - or is it just the rock submerged in front of the fish factory which once again snatched the front row seats for the show. The finals of Under 17 and Under 20 were held in a strong gale that allowed the sailors to go mad. They tore the already torn ocean apart. And due to a little more power than yesterday we got some massive waves that invited the surfers to catapult themselves in the air like they didn’t care.

In the Under 17s Tobias Bjørnå (Fanatic / Duotone) and Anton Richter (JP / NeilPryde) had the pleasure of going head to head. They are mates on land, but enemies in the water. Tobias took the first blow and won the 1st final heat, forcing Anton in to a Super Final. Then Tobias with all in stake, took the win of the 2nd final heat. This is the drama we’re always looking for. A super final which would determine everything. Mads Bjørnå, mathematician, counted 11 jumps in 15 minutes by Anton. Tobias also had his air game on lock today. They went blow to blow. But in the end Tobias’s performance overall was just better, but only by a few inches. Congratulations with the W at the Boy’s Under 17.

In Under 20 Liam Dunkerbeck (Starboard / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins) met Samuele Ferraro. Samuele did all his best manoeuvres and really fought his heart out, but today was dedicated to Liam Dunkerbeck. He was all over the place. Space is the place. Liam almost launched himself to the moon and back. He was incomparable today. He double flipped the script. Samuele did all he could, but the force was too strong in this one. Congratulations on your victory Mr. Dunkerbeck.

Hope to see you all tomorrow for the prize ceremony where we will announce the results of the whole PWA tour and figure out where we will celebrate all of you crazy athletes. F’ing legends

By: Frederik Steinfath 

Result Boy's Under 17 2022 Cold Hawaii Youth PWA World Cup

1. Tobias Bjornaa | DEN (Fanatic / Duotone)
2. Anton Richter | GER (JP / NeilPryde)
3. Luca Buhler | GER (Severne / Severne Sails)

Result Boy’s Under 20 2022 Cold Hawaii Youth PWA World Cup

1. Liam Dunkerbeck | ESP (Starboard / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins)
2. Samuele Ferraro | ITA 
3. Nick Spangenberg | GER (JP / GUNSAILS)

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