Sunset Cruising

What windsurfing is all about with Federico Morisio

Windsurfing means different things to different people, but for Federico Morisio (Starboard / Severne Sails) this session encapsulated everything that windsurfing means to him...

Federico Morisio: "To me this is what windsurfing is all about: freedom, speed, adrenalin and fun; these shots couldn't show it better! But here's the full story behind the video:

Last summer while I was in Fuerteventura I was lucky enough to meet Andrea Dal Canton, which isn't only a super enthusiastic windsurfer with great photography and filming skills, but also an incredible FPV drone pilot. 

One day we met at the spot of Punta Blanca, on Fuerteventura's North Shore and gave it a go to film with his FPV (first person view) drone; which is a super fast and agile drone that permits to get incredible footage but that it's also easy to crash given its high speed. 

With only 4 batteries available we had time for just a few runs, but these were enough to land some backloops and get some wave rides, right during sunset and before the wind died. 

I'm so stoked that we got to film those moments and be able to share them with you all, sessions like this one are special and one of the reasons why I windsurf!

Video filmed and edited by Andrea Dal Canton

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