A Year To Remember

Nick Spangenberg recaps on an eventful year with a 2022 recap packed with action

Nick Spangenberg (JP / GUNSAILS): "2022 - a year packed with lots of windsurfing, traveling and awesome memories.

After I finished school in 2021 I focused myself more on windsurfing. I trained a lot and traveled to different places to prepare for my last year in the Youth category. 
In the beginning of 2022 I went to the alps for some snowsurfing, scored epic sessions at my home spot in Kassel and also went to Tenerife for a few days to get some solid wave conditions. After that I had to solve some exams at university and when that was finished I directly flew to Morocco with a good friend. Coming back home from that awesome trip I felt that summer is slowly coming to Europe. I went to the Baltic Sea a few times with my girlfriend and then it was time for Gran Canaria. I shared an apartment with my friends, which was absolutely epic. As the competition started we didn’t had the best conditions, but I was able to get on a 4th place in U20s at the World Cup. Right after that event I went to Sylt for the German Championships, flew back to Tenerife after that and went to Denmark in August. I was holding a Wave camp with Florian Jung there and I was able to prepare myself for the last event in the youth category in Denmark. 
In the end I was able to win some heats and claimed a 3rd place after the single and double elimination. In my last heat I injured my foot and I know that I’ve to do lots of rehab to be able to go to Cape Town in November/December. I was absolutely stoked to get the notification, that I became vice world champion in the U20s category and that motivated me to push even harder during rehab. Ending My youth career like that couldn't be any better.
As rehab was going well, I felt safe to go to Cape Town and it was the best decision that I made. South Africa treated me absolutely nice, we got good conditions nearly every day and having another wave camp with Florian Jung was also a great thing. 
All in all I can say that 2022 couldn’t be any better. I learned so much about myself, about windsurfing, scored over 150 windsurfing days and made so many great memories, that I will never forget. 
Without my family and my sponsors I would be able to have such a good life and that’s why I want to say THANK YOU! 
I’m really looking forward to 2023 and I can’t wait to make more unforgettable memories.
Im wishing you a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones and a good start into a new year!

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You can see Nick Spangenberg's end of year highlights @ https://youtu.be/_i4wBEPvC8c